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About Our Company


     We know that this is a very important field and name board determines the strength, capacity and quality of the company. The board also plays an important part in bringing in the customers. If the board with light stands tall with colorful lights an eye catching fonts than it will definitely bring in lot of customers. Such is the important of the name boards. If at the same place there are two hotels, one with a very low and dull name board and the other with a big colorful and hi-tech name board, than it is absolutely sure that the hotel with the bright and hi-tech name board will bring in lot of customers. At many a times it also presents the power of the company. A big MNC company must have a name board which matches the quality of the company. Our company offers wide range of name boards starting with neon sign boards, shop name boards, 3 letter name boards, glow sign boards, architectural signage, way finding signage, led signage, shop signage, metal letter name boards, s s letters, reception signages, unipole and billboard signage, safety signages, prohibition signage, slim light signage, front lit name boards, back lit name boards, acrylic sign boards and much more. Our company located in Chennai has been in this work for many years and this has helped our company to give what the customer wants. All our name boards are very eye catching and will definitely will keep the people attracted towards it. Our Name board making company in Chennai has been successful in keeping our clients happy and we will continue to do so.


As we are in the digital field the name board also has gone through many changes. The name boards comes up with led light and also with neon lighting. The neon light name board and led name boards are very flashy and with high density lights. The name can be read from a long distance. This is the big benefit of these type of name boards. We are name board makers not just with experience but also we have been updating ourselves with the latest technology. This indeed helps us in achieving bigger goals which many companies has failed to do so. So as mentioned earlier all you need to do is to just give a phone call to us and our executives will be right there to help you.

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Ph: 9962840136

Ph: 9962840136

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  • Great Design
    Great Design
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    Customer Satisfaction
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    Quality Boards

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Very quick and good work!
Wanted an office sign board so called them. I liked the way they went about their work, very professionally done.

Selvaraj S
Sun Solutions.

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